Remove Your Gym Insecurities Dress The Part

Remove Your Gym Insecurities: Dress The Part

By lowpriectoday

The holidays have gone, leaving many of us prepared to take on our weight-loss and fitness resolutions for the New Year. Many gym newbies find workout facilities intimidating places where they will stand out and be judged by professional fitness gurus who spend all their time pumping iron and drinking kale smoothies. The reality is that most gym goers were just like you at one point in their lives and understand the struggle to reinvent your life around wellness and nutrition. As such, these awkward, introductory moments at the gym have more to do with our fears and self-esteem.

So, how can we overcome these irrational thoughts that hold us back from accomplishing our fitness goals? It’s as simple as dressing the part. By dressing in the latest fitness fashion trends, you and everyone else will believe you are a fitness guru. And just as self-fulfilling prophecies tend to do, your continued efforts and sporty style will guarantee your eventual success.

What determines the latest fitness apparel trends? Unlike high fashion, fitness trends are not only visually appealing but have a direct correlation to comfort and performance for specific body types and physical activities. As Brent Leefers, Fitness Expert for Sports Authority, says, “If you want the most out of your training, it’s important to get started with the right equipment.” Sporting the proper fitness attire will prevent common injuries while looking and feeling your best during your workout regimen.

So, what exactly should you be looking to purchase?

  • Thanks to innovative fitness technology, both men and women can enjoy the comfort of sweat-wicking fabrics that keep you feeling dry, no matter how hard you push yourself. Under Armour’s HeatGear/ColdGear lines offer the ideal workout shirts and tanks for both men and women to maintain a perfect body temperature during exercise.
  • Sports bras are essential for women to use when exercising because excessive movement without support can be painful. Many companies, like Electric Yoga and The North Face, make brightly patterned, designer tank tops with built-in bras that make getting dressed for the gym a snap.
  • For an added flair of fitness fashion, top off your outfit with a cool hooded sweatshirt. Hoodiebuddie’s essential zip-up hoodies come in many colors and have built-in earphones to keep your tunes by your side during workouts conveniently.
  • Regarding bottoms, we agree with Nicole Truog on apples and berries. She recommends that women “stick to workout capris or pants”, because “sometimes shorts can cause wardrobe malfunctions”. Capris are perfect for any time of year and provide the flexibility and ease of movement necessary for almost all types of exercise. Check out the Puma 3/4 Pant from
  • Men will find comfort and function in a fitted pair of training or warm-up pants. Adidas Sereno 11 Soccer Training Pants are lightweight and hug in all the right places.
  • Socks are economical, so stock up on low-cut socks that don’t draw too much attention away from the rest of your outfit. The harder you hit the gym, the more socks you will be buying. If you prefer socks that won’t wear out so quickly or offer arch support, you may choose the Asics Stratus or the Nike Dri-Fit Running Cushioned No Show.
  • Shoes, especially for runners, are quite possibly the most essential piece of fitness equipment that you can buy. The right shoes will play a large part in your fitness success, comfort, injury avoidance, and overall style. You want to look your best when you exercise at the gym, so here are a few hot and trendy items to consider adding to your workout attire. The Nike Free 4.0 shoe will give you an appropriate look, and you should consider the adiZero Feather 2 running shoe. Using them is literally like running on air. These shoes may be precisely what you need, but remember that no shoe is perfect for everyone. We all have different feet with different needs. Brent recommends that you first, and foremost, find your “golden gait”. “Are you a neutral pronator, or would a motion control shoe help you find your perfect stride?”

Above all, it is essential to wear comfortable items to focus on your workout instead of how bunchy, tight, loose, sweaty, or itchy your clothes are. DickSporting goods retailers offer the latest in athletic apparel. Prepare for success and get started creating your fitness wardrobe today! Look good. Feel good. Be good.