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Remove Your Gym Insecurities Dress The Part

Remove Your Gym Insecurities: Dress The Part

The holidays have gone, leaving many of us prepared to take on our weight-loss and fitness resolutions for the New Year. Many gym newbies find workout facilities intimidating places where they will stand out and be judged by professional fitness gurus who spend all their time pumping iron and drinking kale smoothies. The reality is […]

Making Tax Season Easy

Making Tax Season Easy

It happens every year during tax season. For most people, it is a time of scrambling to organize everything together to file their taxes. Here, you will find tips and suggestions to make this tax season the easiest one and be done before the dreaded IRS deadline in April. Start early If you are doing a […]

Budget Renovations with Killer Resale Value

Budget Renovations with Killer Resale Value

In today’s tight housing market and sluggish economy, renovating homes is more than crossing the next pet project off your list. Renovations can and should serve dual purposes, allowing you to spruce up your house’s interior or exterior while increasing resale value. Following these five tips from industry experts allows homeowners to renovate their homes affordably […]

Sears Extra50 Coupon banner

Sears Extra50 Coupon

Sears is a leader in home appliances, tools, lawn and garden, electronics, home fashions, and services like Sears auto, optical, and portrait studio. Search coupon codes for Sears or discounts on exclusive brands like Craftsman, Kenmore, Die Hard, and more. Whether you’re looking for tires and parts, patio furniture, or jewelry, Sears offers coupons, cash […]

5 Top Tips for Winter Car Care

5 Top Tips for Winter Car Care

Winter weather can make the roads treacherous to travel. With the slush, snow, and ice covering the streets, it’s essential to maintain your car throughout the winter. If you are like me, you may not know much about maintaining your car. I grew up in a family of mechanics and still can’t tell you much […]

Things You Should Know Before Getting on Your Bike

Things You Should Know Before Getting on Your Bike!

Cycling is gaining popularity, and if you have decided it is time to get on your bike, would you know what to look for when choosing a new bike? Our guide below should help you select the bike, making sure you look the part and can ride it properly. What is the Bike for? Before […]

2024 Coupon Resolutions

Shannen’s 2024 Coupon Resolutions

Eating healthier, losing weight, cutting out on caffeine, and exercising daily are just a few things that may be on your resolution list this year. It seems that they are always on my list every January 1st. This year, I’ve also added some “coupon resolutions” to my list. I hope these are more accessible resolutions […]

banner 35% off Advance Auto Parts Promo Code $40 Off $100

35% off Advance Auto Parts Promo Code $40 Off $100

Advanced Auto Parts helps you save money on auto parts with coupons, discounts, coupon codes, and free shipping on qualifying orders. Plus, get cash back and save time and money by ordering online and picking it up at a local store. Advanced Auto Parts $40 Off $100 promo code AAP15 35% off promo code JANPROMO […]

Why Making A List before Going Shopping Is Important

Why Making A List before Going Shopping Is Important

People responded with a renewed sense of frugality when the global recession raised its ugly head. One of the results of this careful household spending discipline was a rebirth of that old staple, the grocery list. Internet-savvy providers not only noticed the trend but were quick to capitalize on it. In recognition of this trend, […]

Tuesday Travel Deals: January

Tuesday Travel Deals: January

If you are looking for a way to travel & explore more, then a cruise might be up your alley. They are the perfect way to vacation and still visit multiple destinations in a single voyage. Plus, there is something for everyone. From fine cuisine to water slides to exciting excursions at the port, everyone […]

kohls coupon banner

Kohl’s Coupons

Kohl’s offers exclusive and name-brand brands in apparel and home fashions. Combine the savings with discounts, coupons, FatWallet cash back, and Kohl’s Cash. For in-store savings, search Kohl’s coupons, print and save. Or shop online and enter a promo code for instant value. Shop Kohl’s today for bargains on everyday fashions, seasonal items, and home […]

6PM Coupons banner

6PM Coupons offers savings and shoes all in one place. Shop your favorite brands in footwear with the benefit of online protection. Use a 6pm coupon, add a coupon code for free shipping, or let the cash back add up. Add a 6pm discount and never pay total price on name brands. 25% off coupon code […]

How To Safely Use Business Credit Card

How To Safely Use Business Credit Card

Using a credit card is safer than carrying cash for your purchases. With increased cases of fraud on credit cards, it is advisable to be cautious while using the credit card. Some of the measures you can take to exercise precaution include the following: Keep your credit card information private. The card number and the […]

The High Cost of Going Cheap When Inexpensive Is Bad

The High Cost of Going Cheap: When Inexpensive Is Bad

There is a lot to be said for a great bargain. You spend less than you’d typically have to shell out and get something of value in return. But sometimes, the great deal you think you’re getting isn’t all that great. There are several circumstances where going cheap can even be dangerous. Childcare Parents spend […]

Win a $50 Lowe's Gift Card to Get Organized this Year!

Win a $50 Lowe’s Gift Card to Get Organized this Year!

Is getting organized on your list of New Year’s resolutions? Low price today wants to help! We’re buying one lucky low price today member a $50 gift card to Lowe’s! Do you have a list of little things around your house that irritate you? I do! And I so wish I was eligible to win […]