Things You Should Know Before Getting on Your Bike

Things You Should Know Before Getting on Your Bike!

By lowpriectoday

Cycling is gaining popularity, and if you have decided it is time to get on your bike, would you know what to look for when choosing a new bike? Our guide below should help you select the bike, making sure you look the part and can ride it properly.

What is the Bike for?

Before you decide what bike to buy, you need to consider what it is for. Most people who take up cycling do so to get and keep fit, but how often you will use it and on what sort of ground will also be a consideration. Some people take up cycling as a weekend hobby and intend to put their bike on the back of their car and drive to the countryside to cycle on quiet cycle paths at the weekends. Other people might use their bikes daily to cycle on busy roads to their place of work or business.

All of this is a consideration when you decide on the sort of bike you want and how much you like to spend, as cycles vary in price from $200 up to several thousand for the latest carbon fiber models.

The Features of the Bike

When you are looking at road bikes to buy, there are many things you will need to consider, from all the technical specifications to the color! The main thing is to ensure that the frame is the correct size for you and that the bike is set up correctly with the saddle in the proper position for your height. The shop where you purchase your bike will be able to ensure that it is set up correctly for you. When you have ensured you can ride the bike safely, you can decide on the other features.

Regarding gears, most serious cyclists only have two rings on their bikes. However, most people prefer to have three to use the most accessible equipment for cycling uphill. Likewise, more serious cyclists would like to have clipless pedals, but the sort of pedals you are probably used to would be acceptable at first. Investing in a superlight carbon fiber frame is unnecessary unless you plan to cycle great distances or participate in racing events.

For most people, cycling as a hobby, some cheaper, more solid frames are perfectly adequate.

What to Wear

If you are new to cycling or have not done any cycling since you were a child, then there is no need to invest in all the latest cycling gear. It is essential to ensure you are comfortable and wear breathable clothes when riding on road bikes. Otherwise, you will be hot and sticky when you have barely started.

It is also essential to wear shorts or fitted trousers on your legs, as anything else risks getting caught in your bike’s chain. For safety, a helmet is the most essential item of bike wear you can own; investing in a fluorescent jacket or accessories is vital so you can be easily spotted if cycling at night.

Nobody is saying that as soon as you get on your bike, you will be the next Bradley Wiggins or Victoria Pendleton, but with the right bike and the proper clothing, you can get fit and have fun at the same time.